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Committed To Protecting Your Assets

Empathetic Attorney For Estate Planning And Probate

Lawyer Jeff Hunt at Jeffrey D. Hunt PLLC offers assistance in making a plan for your estate. He understands that every family is unique, and he’ll help you identify your priorities and preferences so that the people who matter most in your life will seamlessly inherit the assets that you intend. It is wise to make a plan for your family’s future. Planning today can save your spouse, children and other loved ones headaches and horrible arguments by spelling out your wishes clearly in your will and creating trusts when appropriate.

Attorney Jeff Hunt also helps clients navigate the probate process after the painful experience of losing a loved one. When a decedent in Texas leaves no will, or the will leaves some questions unanswered, the Texas probate court system will govern distribution of the decedent’s assets. This process can be slow and tedious and may open the door for potential disputes. Mr. Hunt will help you navigate the probate process, assert your rights, and lay claim to the assets to which your family members are entitled.

Navigate Elder Law With An Attorney’s Guidance

We firmly believe that the assets accumulated over a lifetime should be preserved for use to enhance your years and not squandered. Along with the many joys of getting older, seniors unfortunately may lose some of their independence as they experience decreases in mobility or other abilities. Whether that change occurs gradually with age, or suddenly in the form of an acute medical episode such as a stroke or a fall, the costs of long-term care can be intimidatingly high. The good news is that Attorney Jeff Hunt can assist you in preserving assets. These planning efforts ay include valuable strategies to take maximum advantage of the resources provided by Medicaid, so that you can cover these costs and get the care that you or your elder loved one needs for as long as needed.

Whether you are a senior planning for your own care, or an adult son or daughter reacting in a crisis or helping to make a plan for a parent in advance, Mr. Hunt can help you navigate Medicaid planning and all other options to create a plan that works for you and your family.

Solving Your Trademark And Patent Issues One Step At A Time

Attorney Jeffrey D. Hunt understands that trademarks and patents help businesses leverage their advantages and may be highly valuable to stand out from the competition. He will help you create, control, and assert your rights over your intellectual property. Too often, disputes over trademarks and patents can result in slow-moving litigation that consumes your time and resources for months or even years. That’s why the attorney at Jeffrey D. Hunt PLLC will work with you to find low-complexity solutions that resolve your legal matter efficiently, so that you can focus on operating your business.

Whether you are seeking to get a competitor to cease and desist in using your trademark or are defending your intellectual property (IP) rights against a larger company, Attorney Jeffrey Hunt will help you understand your legal options so that you can make informed decisions. He emphasizes practical advice and evaluating whether your trademark or patent positions are strong or weak.